About The Art


The Chicago painting reflects a city that portrays modern elements of vertical projection, with a chromatic effect that evokes memories and transmits an old patina sensation. The sunset lights present a directional focus to the organic bright and modern structures to reflect the 21st century architectonical trends with its social artifices. At the central point of this painting we see the Cloud Gate, nicknamed “The Bean” an iconic representation of the city.



The London painting projects a city plagued of contrast between the contemporary and the master architectural pieces; such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace where nostalgia comes together side by side in a perfect blend. It also portrays the contrast of all the monochromatic colors which project the foggy aspect of the city in contrast with the red color of the iconic phone booths and buses that evokes memories of the past.


The Paris painting projects a city of romantic lights with soft pastel colors like an Edith Piaf song. It reflects a post impressionist style of a city where the art was a vanguard and give a transformational sense of the form. The deep white colors in the distance focus the eyes to the predominant structure of the iconic Eiffel tower, a representation of the emblematic city.

New York:

The New York painting represents the city where all America converge in a meridian and Babylonian point. A land were many migrants saw a limitless opportunities for progress. The strong and nice pallet of chromatic colors, green, blue and grey, project a sensation of harmonic connection. It also reflects space optimization. The central focus of the picture is the Brooklyn bridge representing an extension of humanity being with the metropolis.